Industrial Metal Finishing

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Powder Coating Finishes

Powder coating finishes, also called lacquer finish or heat treatment, are one of the hottest ways of customizing a product for high performance. This type of finishing enables a surface to have improved safety, wear resistance and corrosion resistance and is therefore more durable and less prone to damage. It is very easy to apply and requires no drying time to achieve the final look. Powder coating finishes can be produced using any type of material; however it is generally expected that the raw material is cast aluminum.

When applying powder coating finishes to any metallic object, care should be taken to use a clean or uncoated surface in order to minimize the formation of powder deposits. The application of finishing should be done as closely as possible to the raw material, as the finished product will only be as good as the raw material. Any metals which might be used in the completed product must be cleaned and wiped down with a fine toothpaste in order to prevent them from rusting during the curing period. The process of powder coating finishes involves applying an epoxy resin to the metal and then treating the object with a thin coating. After being cured for several days, the surface is buffed to remove any residues and the coating is then removed with a smooth cloth.


Industrial Metal Finishing

Industrial Metal Finishing, as the name implies, is a process of coating the metal surface with metal. It is not done for decorative purposes. It is mainly done to increase the performance of the metal parts, e.g. improving the durability, reduced friction and corrosion resistance, the cleanliness of the surfaces and providing an attractive finish. Metal Finishing is doing to cover metals with metallic coatings like metal powder or oil. The coatings used in Industrial Metal Finishing can be formulated in different ways to add color, strength, temperature resistance, adhesion etc.

In addition to Metal Finishing, an industrial company offers services like mold making, porcelain items and dyes, machine painting, dimensional cutting, grinding and bending, metal casting, processing and polishing. Even a tool polish can be offered by a Company providing industrial Metal Finishing services. It is important to take assistance from a professional before installing metal Finishing methods and other industrial tools. Moreover, it is important to ensure that all your requirements are met by the manufacturer before placing orders for Metal Finishing.

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